Tree Maintenance in Mitcham, South Australia 

When you need tree maintenance Mitcham locals can trust, we’re the ones to call! At Treby Tree Services, we’re licensed and insured to provide all types of professional tree services. This includes tree pruning, stump grinding, land clearing, and tree removal services. For over 38 years, we’ve been serving residential and commercial clients in Mitcham and the surrounding suburbs of Adelaide. Thanks to our training and experience, we consistently maintain a high standard of arboricultural work. Call us today to discuss your project with a member of our friendly team and get a free quote on expert tree care. 

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Mitcham Tree surgeons

As professionally trained and fully qualified arborist and tree surgeon Mitcham, we prioritise the safety of our clients and crew members. And with 38+ years experience under our belt, we’re able to comply with the latest tree safety codes and regulations. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to offer the best results safely and efficiently. Whether we need to remove overgrown branches, take care of stump removal, or convert your old tree into mulch, our team members have the right gear for the task. As tree care experts, we offer a type of garden maintenance that goes beyond what your average gardener can provide. Our process includes assessing your property to find out if there’s any tree that needs extensive care or possible removal. Then, we use our skills and expertise to provide appropriate garden care, which can include trimming overgrown branches or removing diseased trees. 

Frequently asked questions

Do your Mitcham tree and garden services include affordable tree removal?

Yes, we offer cost-effective tree removal Mitcham locals can trust. At Treby Tree Services, we provide tree cutting and felling depending on the accessibility of the location. For trees growing near other buildings or trees, our skilled arborist Mitcham scales the tree and cuts it down by starting with the topmost sections. If the location offers enough space, we fell the tree instead. 

Do you offer emergency arborist Mitcham and tree surgeon services? 

Yes, we provide emergency tree removal in Mitcham. Our crew is available 24 hours a day to address Mitcham’s tree-related emergencies. This can include removing fallen trees safely, or cutting down a storm-damaged tree before it falls and causes property damage or injuries. If you’re concerned about dangerous trees falling on your property, give us a call and we’ll be on our way. 

Do you perform tree risk assessments and seek Mitcham council tree removal permits? 

Yes, we perform assessments before providing services in Mitcham. This includes securing approval from local councils before cutting down a tree. The purpose of conducting evaluations is to find out if your yard is dealing with tree diseases and pests. Based on the results, we prepare arborist reports that advise property owners on what solutions they should implement. This can range from tree pruning services to palm tree removal, depending on the tree’s condition. 

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